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Edificio Santa Creu

Restoration of an historical building. It comprises 6 flats in 3 heights. Works started.

  • Location:C/Costa Santa Creu, 5, Palma
  • Architecture studio:ARQ
  • Architect:Bernardo Oliver
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  • Clients: Ethan Hunt

Edificio Santa Creu Palma

Works started

Medieval building quoted in XV century historical documents. Currently under structural protection level B by Patrimonio of Spain. Purchased and refurbished by the Carthusian Order between 1481 and 1482. We find construction elements of Majorcan Renaissance style, as the multilinear arch built in 1529.The wooden coffered ceiling dates from mid-XVI century. It covered the prior office and is currently preserved in its entirety.

Several works were made in XVII century, among them the remarkable arch giving access to the Majorcan-style patio. On late XIX century the whole roof was refurbished and given a single-slope cover supported by wooden beams.

Video: Edificio Santa Creu


  • Bajo A97m2 + 38m2 patio
  • Bajo B227m2 + 111m2 garden
  • 1A210m2 + 10m2 balcony
  • 1B170m2 + 12m2 balcony
  • 2A146m2 + 17m2 balcony
  • 2B95m2